Good news at last

Amidst the usual flurry of stressful deadlines towards Christmas, leaving my Christmas cards sending activities dead in the water as usual, there is some good news for Nina and me. We just received an official statement from the Dutch National Bank that they recognize our insurance claim on the deficit Iceland savings bank and that all our money will be returned under the guarantee fund. So it seems the year ends well in that respect.

UPDATE: the money was just transferred to our regular bank account. All is well again!

I have also met a few interesting new people and maybe business will pick up after all now. The FSAddon business is pretty ‘dead’ with sales of our existing products now down to 2 a WEEK ! Not even worth putting in the books anymore, that costs more ! And this is the ‘Holiday Season’ where we would usually make the brunt of our revenue. So I guess we too now ‘feel’ the pain of the consumers……. or rather, non-consumers. Even though, like most of us, we have absolutely no share in the cause of it all.

So apologies, but you’ll probably not see me blog much these days. Oh, and we’ll be gone to Prague too, next week, to visit that wonderful city, and our daughter who now lives there for a while.

Hoping for a good ending of 2008 anyway for all of you, and a better start of 2009……. !!!

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  1. Francois – I’m glad your savings were saved, so to speak! Best wishes and good health for the coming year. I trust you had a magical and safe trip to Prague – one of our favourite destinations especially at Christmas time. Ride safe!


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