Recruited by AOPA

Yes, yours truly was ‘recruited’ by the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) to join their new initiative called ‘Lets Go Flying’ aimed at getting more people aquainted with avaiation and ultimately into the left seat! To accomplish that AOPA has opened a new website which focuses on getting information to people intersted in flying. Part of the site are a number of blogs of student pilots, pilots, instructors and, yes, my humble self. My aim is to show people how flight simulation can also add value to the real deal! This is gonna be fun !

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  1. Francois,
    ‘Recruited’ you say? Excellent! Good luck with this endeavor (as if your plate wasn’t already full…!!). I think it is a good thing to get more flight simulation and some R/C input into the real world of flying. I am fully steeped in the flight sim world and trying to justify getting back into R/C on my budget. Geri is all for it and ‘we’ actually made room in the spare bedroom for my ‘flying hobbies’. Christmas wish come true? We’ll see….

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