Some flightsim news then……
Some flightsim news then……

Some flightsim news then……

What with all the ‘personal news’ of late and no activities regarding the snow covered BMW, it is time again for some (positive) flightsim news.

First of all we opened the Tongass Fjords FSX Support Forum on Yup, we’re finally getting to the stage where there will be info, preview screenshots and maybe even some idea about timing. Holger and Bill are now almost ready with it and we hope to get you flying in Alaska again early next year.

The other good news is that Rob Young has returned to working on the flight model of the Lizzie. Rob regrettably had some family trouble (his brother got very ill) and had to change priorities of course. We hope his brother will fully recover soon !

Last but not least a ‘newer’ forum member ‘discovered’ that the press clipping about Emma Field ‘was a fake…..’.
Doh! Emma Field itself is a fake! So we had a chuckle about that, but it also reminded us of the fact that since it is already 8 years ‘old’, that not everybody will know about Emma Field and perhaps more important about the Emma Field Flying Club… and how it came into being.

In spite of the extremely disappointing sabotage of the project recently, we’re now going full steam ahead in building a NEW Emma Field, and we’ll just ignore any further offending emails and other egocentric attempts to jeopardize OUR project. We’ll open a new website specifically for it where we’ll keep you abreast of further – positive – development.

Oh, and last but not least, we now have started providing some of our titles on a CD or DVD ourselves. For those of you who don’t like downloads or backing up….. Check out the FSAddon website here.

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