Nina, Snow and Emma Field
Nina, Snow and Emma Field

Nina, Snow and Emma Field

Nina started to make her way back home from Deva, Romania, early this morning. I myself woke up with somewhat of a hangover after the 2 glasses of white wine at our friends Saskia and Gert-Jan last night. No, I don’t hold my liquor well. Weak brains, what can I tell ya!

Nina just SMS’ed that the worst part of the journey, the 3,5 hour drive on Romanian roads from Deva to Timisoara, has gone well. She’s now waiting to board a plane to Budapest. There she’ll need to change planes for Amsterdam……. where it is snowing ant the airport ‘conga line’ is on the ready to clean the runways. Delays ARE expected and I am eye- ing the tv with arrival times as we speak. Later on I’ll need to clean the Jeep of snow and make my way to Amsterdam.

Her father is still alive, and even returned home. Not really sure what will happen next, or rather ‘when’. At least she got to see him while he was still alive !

As for Emma Field, we suffered a major bummer this weekend. I’ll not go into the gory details, but suffice it to say that some people just can’t be trusted and I am way too naive. And always will be.
Anyway, Bill and I are now embarking on a totally different path and we’ll communicate all our activities as soon as we have poured them in a neat package for you to digest!


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