I am the world’s WORST ‘houseman’

Really. Nina got on a plane to see her Dad… probably one last time, if the doctors are right….. leaving me ‘in charge’ of the house and myself.

For some reason I seem to get myself in a never-ending loop of lack of time! Things ‘to do’ keep piling up around me. The dishes are still in the kitching waiting to be washed, I forgot to water the plants for two days, couldn’t find my clean trousers the other day, and forgot to take the laundry downstairs, so tripped over it last night.

I even left the key in the door, on the outside! A neighbor called me last night telling me the mailman whom she knew delivered them to her because I didn’t hear the doorbell all afternoon !

I guess I am just not made to be left on my own somehow. Spoiled? Maybe. Extremely clumsy. Very likely. 150% occupied with PC work. Definitely. Do I need a life? Well, doh! What else would I do !!??

Oh I survive, I eat whatever I find, on the weirdest times. And I’ll even go out shopping for food for myself and for Dad. But nothing seems to be ‘regular’ anymore as soon as Nina leaves the house for more than a a day. I miss her, even if it means I can play a few computer games at long last ! 😉

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