Oh darn

I had been looking forward a 4-week vacation in the Alps and riding all our favorite, and some less favorite, passes. Hoping to scout some new routes too. That wasn’t to be because of Mom. We returned after 2 days and one ride. I was now looking forward to a shortened vacation of two weeks, doing the same. We’re leaving tomorrow.

And guess what?

This morning a friend and I try transporting a heavy cupboard, something breaks and all the weight drops onto my left hand, bending my thumb backwards. I can now hardly type, let alone operate the clutch of the bike this weekend… and next week?

Man, I’m just so disappointed ! I now need a scooter !!!!!!!!

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  1. Man, you can NOT catch a break, Francois! I know some people loathe going on vacation for fear they’ll be replaced in their jobs, but smashing your own hand is really going too far. I’m starting to think you have an allergy to relaxation.

    Note to self: never offer to transport heavy items right before a scheduled vacation.

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