Yo, I’m ‘green’ again !

Remember I decided to finally buy me an airco? Well, I did! And guess what ?? The ruddy thing has a 5 feet exhaust tube on it that needs to go OUTSIDE. Dang, I though I bought a model with an ‘internal’ exhaust…. somehow. Goes to show that sometimes I forget to do my research. So the sensible thing to get would be a REAL unit, with a part inside and a part outside. Except….. they cost about 3 times as much as the cheapo thing on wheels I hoisted into the Jeep this afternoon.

So now I not only wrecked my already painful shoulder a few times times by getting the thing into the shopping cart, then into the car, out of the car, out of the box and BACK INTO the box…. I will also waste MORE fule taking it back to Amsterdam. Well, green, yes, sort of! Oh well, live and learn…… I’ll sweat until we move to France and THEN I’ll get me a proper one !

Meanwhile the Piper sells like Pepper… I am really pleased. Some people are so enthusiastic that they even make videos of the little bird. Check out Eddy van Gelder’s very nice ‘Piper Movie’ on Youtube here !

Flight Sim Labs Ltd. too is doing well. We’re getting lots of initial reactions and there is also a lot of interest in the Concorde X project ! Keep reading folks !

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