Who ‘buys’ this anyway ????

No, I’m not talking about our FSAddon or FSceneDN products. I am wondering about the myriads of ‘spam’  messages I see monthly now and who in the world would open such e-mails !
I mean, come on, things that have ‘viagra’, ‘sex’, ‘Pamela Anderson’, ‘phetarmine’  (or whatever), ‘Paris Hilton’ (who the heck is she anyway ???) and such in it, are a clear cut case of hitting the delete key and be annoyed about the extra ‘work’ THAT already is.

But lately we have a new ‘scam’…. seemingly sensational ‘news headlines’ like "President Bush shoots himself", "The Dollar has disappeared, US changing to Euros", "Ford went broke", and other SO obvious nonsense drops into our mailboxes. And although some may wish some of the messages are true, not having heard on CNN, the local TV or ‘reliable’ Internet sources would be a clear giveaway, wouldn’t it?
Apparently not, or they would not be sent out by the gazillions!

Which, dear readers, leads me to the sad but inevitable conclusion at the very least a very sizable portion of Internet users must be complete morons.

I don’t know what fills me with more sadness… the melting of the polar cap or having to share our oxygen with so many dumb people. Perhaps that’s why I often think animals are more worthy than we are, really !


  1. Francois, some people seem to have no purpose at all, but, like the Slinky we used to play with as children, can still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs!!!!

  2. One can tell that God Loves Idiots by the simple fact that there are so many of them.

  3. Very true Chuck, and welcome to my blog.

    As your admittance shows, I am not as vindictive as your ‘boss’ is 😉


  4. I have trouble keeping up with who that is at any given time, to simplify things i decided it was my wife…

  5. Hahaha…. that sounds about right ! Same here!

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