My second book, non-profit

a tribute to all t…
By Francois Alexandre…

My second book was supposed to be on Normandy, a guide for motor touring. Instead it is a photo book called ‘Mom’s Book’, made especially for Mom who will die soon. When making it, and not knowing I would finish it in time, the thought occurred to me that perhaps some other son might want to give it to HIS mother, or grandmother.

So I have made it public. And not only that; I added a few Dollars to the manufacturing price and will send ALL proceeds to the World Wide Cancer Fund.

Sorry for the ‘advertising’, but I think it is important……. you can find the book here !



  1. Very kind of you Francois.

    I tried to have a look, but blurb makes you register to have a look at it! You might want to investigate that because I don’t think many people want to register just for looking…

  2. Didn’t know that Christian….. I’ll see if I can make a page of my own for it…..

    On the other hand, I think I’ve fixed it. The initial link was made while I was logged in myself.
    Should NOT be needed to register anymore on the links that are shown now.

    Could you do me a favor and test it????

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