See why I am happy !?


And we’re only halfway done I think…. after 18 months! But she flies, albeit with a borrowed flight model. I don’t know if I’ll attempt another aircraft after this one. Man, what an ordeal! But hopefully we’ll get her to be what I had in mind all along and expand FSX with a wonderful ‘oldie’……

Meanwhile I’m having major troubles with the Installer of the Super Cub. Always happens when your stretched for time….. and I am. Should be prepping the car, bike, PC’s and other stuff for our trip to France on Monday. Instead I am tinkering with unwilling installers, writing news,blog posts (duh!), running around town buying stuff and so on and so forth.

It will be another typical ‘Dumas take-off’ on Monday…. coming to our sense halfway Luxembourg probably, and then sleepig the next 2 days upon arrival in the mountains. Oh well.

Oh, see some more pictures on the FSAddon site here!

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