Simming and Riding news

First some Flightsim news….. I owe that to all the ‘FS readers’ on this blog:

We have signed up two new authors, Ron Jeffers and Simon Smeiman, who have been working on some projects of their own. Ron is making some bush missions for FSX that we’ll put up in a nice package, and Simon has been working on a Piper Cub for FS2004 and FSX.
These are low-priced products (think around US$ 11.11) and of course not in the class of our Misty’s and Vancouver’s (or Lizzie), but well worth having a look at. More news soon.

The Lizzie is still struggling in the hangar of Ronald Zambrano, who is trying to get me a VC for it.

As for ‘riding’; I got me the Zumo screws yesterday and am also working on updating the riding websites more. The Moto Newz site is slowly taking shape and a few people even discovered it and visited it already.

I have also noted a big increase in site visits on ALL of my websites, which is good. The more the merrier, as they say!


Oh, and the mailman just dropped an envelope with the stickers in the mailbox. COOL! I’ll be sporting them proudly on the RT and on the trailer (yes, sorry guys! *grin*).


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