Lizzie flies !

Yup, FINALLY. This evening I flew my first circuit with the Lizzie, at long last. That’s the good news. Is it up for sale yet? Hell no! That’s the bad news.
What we have flying now I’d call the Alpha Version, and we want to turn it into Beta as soon as we can, so more people can have a ‘go’ at it and find the flaws. Then it will also be off to the sound man and the flight model man (Aaron and Rob)…. and we can continue work on the special missions!

Meanwhile my sinusitis returned and after more than 2 weeks of headaches I finally went to the doc, and got another box of anti-biotics to swallow. Yuck! I was trying NOT ot go that route again.

Oh, and an update on Mom; she’s doing relatively well, now in a nursery home, but still a loooooong way of to going home, if ever. Still, she is taken good care of now, so we can go to France after all, as we had planned. This time the office PC comes with us, and the bike goes on the trailer!

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