Get better, Richard !

As of late we have too many people in dire straights. People that we love and appreciate. Mom’s really bad and not getting any better, we had a few (minor) health issues ourselves, my best friend had heart surgery two months ago (he’s my age!), and now Richard in California, one of our good motorcycling friends, is in hospital.

I know it comes with the age. When you’re past 50 you start losing all your youth-time idols, and you realize that younger friends have no idea what or whom you are talking about anymore. The world gets smaller, you can only relate to your own age group and the previous generation, and they start being decimated. Yuck !

Good thing we have Internet, because it broadens our respective horizons AND adds a big number of people to the acquaintances and friends list, that we would have never known without the ‘Net. Now, getting to see them in real life turns more difficult, what with bad economies, rising oil prices and health issues. Oh well.

FYI, we’ll be riding (or driving, depending on the ultimate forecast tomorrow morning) to Germany to meet with a few FS friends and new friends. Looking forward to that. And I’ll be riding on June 1 and June 15 with Pé and Marieke Schippers’ riding school on a ride for ex-students… that’ll be fun !

Meanwhile I am hard at work to get my ‘riding websites’ in order. Looks like this season is ‘gone’ as far as EuropeRides is concerned, due to $ and oil prices, but I am working on new things for the remainder and next year; a new EuropeRides website and a new ‘Moto Touring News’ site where I plan on parking all my thousands of interesting weblinks for every rider to benefit! Plus moto news as I can get it.

You can find the ‘news’ site here, but it is constantly being worked on and perhaps off-line from time to time: Motonews

More on the ‘work front’; I may have two new ‘jobs’ lined up, both in the PR business, doing what I do best, i.e. writing and building contacts. Do I have time for that? Well, with a lot of the FS work being in ‘quiet waters’ currently, yes, I do.

And last but not least, Miguel is working on getting a whole new simFlight look set up, using ‘my’ favorite software WordPress… so keep your eyes peeled if you’re an FS enthusiast !

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