Not preparing Paderborn

Ummmm.. shouldn’t that read that I AM PREPARING for Paderborn and it’s Aerosoft FS Event? Well, no. You see, as all my friends know I NEVER have any time for anything these days, being the hopelessly chaotic workaholic that I am, where would I find some to prepare Paderborn?

Actually, I DID prepare it to some extent… I circled the winners of each category of the simFlight awards on a bit of paper. From there I’ll just take it off the cuff and do my yearly ‘German babble’ to get rid of the plastic awards thingies for Miguel….. who managed to gracefully extract himself from the happening again !

So, Saturday morning I get dressed in my riding gear, mount on the BMW and will brave the cold and weather for a 4-5 hour ride east, undress, check the exhibition for an hour and yap with acquaintances for the remainder. That’s called ‘networking’. Then off to the hotel and on to the Captain’s Dinner, eat some, yap some more, do my ‘Rudi Carell show’ presenting the simFlight awards and be off again.

On Sunday I will ride back a more northerly route and stop by my friends Ursual and Erick to say hello. They already emigrated from our Frog Country and run (among other things) a B & B just across the border.

So what else is there to do before we leave for the States? Ah yes, business cards…. backups of my important disks, copy mail and passwords to notebook, wrap the souvenirs and presents, make sure I have all addresses and phone numbers, plug some places into the GPS…. (scratching head); I’ll tell you what I forgot after we arrive and find an internet link again !! :-)))

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