Human brains and PC’s are equal

Here I am, sitting in our bathroom, and thinking about the tennis match later tonight.
Almost unconsciously I notice the spare roll of toilet paper’s center tube is not round, so I pick it off its stand to squeeze it in shape a bit.

And all of a sudden my mind flashes back to Grandcamp-Maisy on the Normandy coast and the little cardboard-ish holiday cabin we rented there, one cold and damp October.

Do you ever experience such mysterious ‘associations’? Something must have made my mind switch to that particular memory bank and data record, but I have no clue whatsoever as to what it was ! Did I pick up a toilet roll there too, also in October, also on a cold-ish toilet ? Did we have a similar toilet roll stand there? Was it a sound outside that triggered it? NO CLUE !

And that, my dear Watson, is why I deposit the thesis that our brains and PC’s are totally equal. Because you see, my PC does that too ALL THE TIME.
It all of a sudden does something totally unexpected, out of the blue, with no apparent reason. A program stops being displayed on the menu bar, memory gets occupied for the full 100% not even letting ctrl-alt-delete through, a program that ALWAYS worked suddenly produces an error message and dies softly……

I tell you, PC’s were modeled after our brains, no secret about that at all and no way they can be made better than they already are….. unless they are going to really replace us one day!

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