Italian traffic regulations

I am now thoroughly convinced that there is an Italian traffic rule that I was not aware of. As a foreigner here, you would never have guessed, just like me. But you know, in Italy it MUST be MANDATORY to use your cell phone while driving !

How else could I explain the fact that  8 out of every 10 drivers is yapping on his/her phone as if his/her life depends on it…… and not yours ! And nobody of the constable force seems to care about it.

They seem to think nothing of it and our Italian friends all tell us that Italians are superior drivers that can do anything while driving….. talk to their passengers – wildly gesticulating -, talk on cell phones, eat pizza and indicate their fellow drivers what they are doing wrong.

Oh, I almost forgot, there is yet ANOTHER rule that we foreigners should be aware of. When driving BEHIND another vehicle, it is MANDATORY that you PASS IT, preferably ignoring the white line in the middle, the ‘no passing’ signs and the local speed limit.

And last but not least, you’re only half a driver if you stay on YOUR side of the road in bends….. oncoming Italian traffic uses YOUR side of the road, especially if there’s a white line in the middle. So better put your wheels in the grass to make room for them !!!

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