Bureaucracy ad infinito…..

Italy’s bureaucracy: one step forward, 2 backwards

6 months ago we tried to get Nina admitted as resident, but at the town hall they told us she has to have an approved Italian medical insurance forst. So we headed back to the little village where the closest first aid post is and asked for proof of insurance.
nonono, you need to have a EU approved certificate E-109 supplied by your Dutch insurance company. THEN we can add you here and THEN you can go to the town hall again.

So now 6 months later we turn up at the first aid post (and administrative office) again with all the requested forms.

Ah, no, no no…. we cannot process that here. You will have to call Mr. Whatsammacallhim at Foligno Hospital next Monday at 9 am and he will tell you what you need to do next !

Oh brother……..

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