Far and few between


…. blog posts that is. Let me tell you, working and living in two countries doesn’t leave much time to blog on top of it. Facebook still rules ! Sadly……. because writing articles, however short, on a a blog is more fun. But also sadly, Facebook has a much bigger ‘reach’ and my posts there get more views than all my blogs and sites together.

Anyway, we have been in Italy again for over 5 weeks and returned to the Low Lands a week ago. We intended to stay here till half October and then head south again for the olives harvest…. however, Dad suddenly got much worse, with a tumor, and is now in hospital. No idea when we are able to leave the country again, certainly not now !

In Italy we arranged another bunch of things; finally managed to get us a local bank account, after trying to get into an on-line bank failed miserably. And we found a (Romanian) mason who is now working on restoring the front entrance and repairing the little wall containing our electricity and water meters.

We also applied for a permit to build a terrace in our yard, with a ‘portico’ over it to get us some much needed shade in the Summer. Well, that will be NEXT Summer.

We also had a kitchen installed and a REAL bed, and entertained our first visitors too; the kids came down to stay with us for some 10 days !

Last but not least we trailered the GS to Pomonte and did our first local rides! We left it in good care of a neighbor while we are back in Holland.

This time my camera DID work again AND I had some time….. so I took some 3000 photos….. to be shown over time.

More news when we have it…….

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