Low Land Tiger Meet 2014

Yesterday I visited the official opening of the 2014 LLTM (Low Land Tiger Meet), Europe’s largest (military) flightsim LAN-party. The LLTM is an iconic event known by all serious military flightsimmers in Europe AND beyond, and has been in existence since  2001, with a hiatus of 2 years in 2012 and 2013. In the best year (2010) there were as many as 132 participating pilots.

Normally these people fly ‘on the internet’, ‘competing’ in various clubs and organizations, but it is so much more fun to do it on a stable local area network (LAN) !
Jan ‘Ice’ Hilt has been organizing this event for all these years and is looking for NEW BLOOD for the years to come. Unfortunately this year there are much less participants and more are needed in order to be able to continue the event!

For now those present are flying and competing over the weekend, the hardcore participants even staying for 4 days ! Sims used are FalconBMS (the continuation of the famous old F-16 Falcon simulator), DCS:World, IL-2 Sturmovik and Rise of Flight (although the latter is lacking interest).

If you have the opportunity to go and see what this is all about, please DO! Especially if you are interested in personal flight simulators and want to see what is possible in today’s world of computers and other software and hardware by a group of passionate experts !

The event is being held in Enschede, The Netherlands and you can find them in the WZZRD GameCafe at Colosseum 68,
7521 PT Enschede (just next to the soccer stadium).

More info can be found on their website here !

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