No I am not Mr. Niceguy anymore…..

In a discussion that ensued on another website it was declared that ‘we’ in western Europe should be MORE tolerant towards others. It all started after France ‘cleaned up’ some illegal gipsy camps in THEIR country.
Well, I’ve experienced the gipsies, or Roma’s, ever since my first visit to Romania back in 1972 and am most certainly NOT impressed by their honesty, cleanliness, politeness and willingness to adapt to the communities they are hosted by.

Hence one of my replies which I have copied below. Of course there are many of you who do NOT agree with me, but that is part of that freedom of free speech that we all hold so dear I believe?


I think we’ve been growing more and more tolerant ever since things started back in the 60’s, up to a point where it has become ridiculous and it now only works for others to take advantage of all our hard work without contributing anything.

I may be growing into an old grumpy, but I guess age and EXPERIENCE makes one change one’s mind at some point. I always cheered Israel in their battle with their enemies, for there seemed no reason to attack them. But today I do NOT agree with their settlements policy.

I always was an ‘America fan’,  supporting them in ‘their’ struggle in Vietnam, working for US companies and having many friends there to this day. But I do NOT like the mess they have made of the world today, what with their ‘we can take it all’ and ‘just borrow more money’ credit card society.

I was a staunch supporter of anti-discrimination drives back in the 70’s, and am just shrugging my shoulders over gay marriage and other such strange-to-me issues….. but I have come to the conclusion that tolerance should have a limit and that we, in Western Europe, have forgot about that.

I also cheered on Europe at some time, and the Euro. When I was an international exec traveling millions of miles on airplanes from one country to the next, managing multi-cultural teams, it all seemed so much better.

But now it turns out it isn’t. he system is being misused by politicians who make extraordinary amounts of money, by bureaucrats doing the same in positions nobody needs, and by countries/populations who were too damned lazy to fight and work and are now coming in to take our tax money, our jobs and our values.

There is no way we should be sacrificing OUR freedom, values and property to others, just because they haven’t fought as hard as we did, and/or worked as hard as we did.

So do I want the borders back? Do I want the Euro gone? Do I want a line in the sand again?

Damn sure I do ! We’d all be better off, even the nay-sayers 😉



Sorry, Europe-lovers……. we disagree at some point 😉

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