Life is good in Italy

And that, my friends may sound strange from an embattled Europe where one COUNTRY after another shows similar deficits as the US and threatens to collapse altogether. Italy is in fact one of the main ‘problems’ in the world today. But, staying with Dutch friends in Umbria, helping them to harvest their olives and spending long nights together chatting and drinking wine, life doesn’t look so bad.

I guess that’s what a lot of people have thought and felt so far. The media really want us to only see gloom and doom, ‘coz that’s what sells, but hey, all this deficits, debts, and other financial woes is in fact only virtual. The REAL word still turns in spite of pitiful bankers and investors being deprived of their money making toy economy.

At least, that’s how I see things.

One day they may tell us their bank is broke and ‘oops, was that YOUR money we gambled with?’ As long as that doesn’t happen and WE don’t have debts, I refuse to worry. Really.

And believe you me, that’s a LOT easier when looking at a wonderful sunset over an ancient landscape here in Umbria. With or without a bunch of Berlusconi’s.

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