Riding ends before it started?

The recent ‘stupid move’ I made, i.e. punching a chair in anger a week ago, may well end my riding season before it even started. Doctor thinks I have a ‘Boxer’s Hand’ and a ruptured middle-hand bone. I can use my hand fine, it only hurts when I try and twist it sideways.

Which is BAD when trying to eat ice cram ! Oh bummer !

But I can live with THAT for a few weeks. Not sure I can live with not being able to take the BMW to the Alps and RIDE !!! Major Bummer !!!!


Will visit the hospital for pictures and probably a cast tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted. We are scheduled to ‘move’ our operation to France within two weeks from now. Not sure I’ll like that under the circumstances. I never broke a thing in my life and I am not amused.

I may also have problems with working the PC….. so until tomorrow afternoon there is much uncertainty. And when the worst happens it will only ADD to my frustrations, warranting another boxing session with the office chair.
Wait….. hang on…… better get me some heavy armament this time. The old bones have become to weak already !

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