‘Wearable’ Motorcycle Video Cameras


For some time now I have been looking to get me a video camera so I can store our wonderful rides for future generations to see. Cough. Alright, for ME to re-enjoy then, once I am too old and cranky to hold the BMW any longer.

In any case, this is NOT so easy. There are many video cameras on the market these days, all digital, many expensive, and most not suited to mount on a vibrating and bouncing BMW with boxer engine ! In the end, there seem to be a few good ones, specifically aimed at being used outdoors and in rough conditions. I mention here the GoPro, the V.I.O. and the Contour series. There are more, but these seem to be popping up most.

Doing some comparison on features and pricing, and after reading many forums and user reports, the Contour HD (or Contour HD GPS) seems to be most suited for what I want in terms of use and budget. It is a sturdy little thing that can be worn on the side of your head (either stuck to a helmet or to your ski goggles), or mounted on bicycle, motorbikes and cars in various ways.
Just what I was looking for.

And there are no wires involved. It runs on batteries, has a microSD chip (up to 32 Gb) to store the images on and can be turned on and off with one touch of a (gloved) hand.

The quality looks pretty good too, in HD at 1080 pixels wide! Of course it is not the same as a digital video cam that you would use to shoot your holiday documentary, but for what it is supposed to do it is ideal!

You want one? More info? Click on the ‘ad’ on the side of my site(s) and spoil yourself. And above all, let us enjoy your travel vids once done ! (Only for US customers for now).

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