Familiar sounds


Just sitting here, trying not to sweat too much in this horrible heat, and thinking that it is funny how some sounds remain with you all your life and provide immediate association to places and/or events.

The sound of the door in this house in Romania for instance. It has never closed well in all 30 years we come here, and it still has a light tinkle of the glass that is not entirely snug in its frame.

Or the never-ending braking of the dogs here in the street and the neighborhood beyond. When I hear dogs’ barking with the slight echo of empty streets, where ever I am, I will think of Deva, Romania.

The tinkling old mirror in the cupboard has gone. But that too has followed us here for so many years, singing on the waves of passing freight trains on their way to Bucharest or beyond.
The famous Orient Express still passes here at the end of the street!


Sounds can make you melancholic. And annoy you. And be missed when they are nothing but a memory.

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