Anti-mosquito control



That’s what we called the old Antonov AN-2 sparaying the beach in Mamaia, Black Sea Coast, Romania, waaaaay back in 1974 when on holiday there with my fiancee and parents.


Well, guess what? There’s an old AN-2 flying out of Deva Aifrield that is doing exactly the same here, trying to prevent a gazillion of mosquitos to be born in the 30+ C heat and humidity of the river Mures Valley and Deva.

I ‘caught’ him on Nina’s little Nikon while having dinner at a local restaurant and here you see him flying in front of the old citadel that towers over the city still (and is being restored).

‘Charlie’s’ old radial engine sound is unmistakable at the end of each afternoon. I don’t think annyone would be allowed to fly over a crowded city at 200 feet and spray ‘stuff’ in any of our countries, but here they can.

I wonder why they don’t move their operation to Aruba and become very, very rich !!!??? I’ll propose it when we visit the airfield next Saturday 😉

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