Travel Season Starts

Yup, it’s that time of year again, when everything starts itching… and even the sun comes out from time to time 🙂

We can’t complain, really, had a VERY warm end of April already. And Nina has done HER bit of fair travel already too…. with 10.000 miles under her belt. But now we REALLY start:

This Friday I ride the BMW to Frankfurt to see some of my former German AC Nielsen colleagues. Most of us got sacked some 6 years ago to still the power and money hunger of some Big American Execs. We get together once a year, have some beers, a good German meal, and hope ‘they’ all rot in hell, together with their stock owners 😉

Then a few days later Nina and I will Board the Bus – our rather, our little Viano – and head for Romania once more. To see Nina’s brother and wife, and our nieces. Then quickly back to the ‘western world’ and relative comfort to work some more, before we head off to our place in France. At last !

We’ll be there until the second half of September, taking the BMW along of course. Oh yes, we’ll drive back for 2 weeks or so to see after Dad and the lawn, in that order, then head back south once more.

Further trips planned are to see our neighbor’s new house in Montauban, our friends Didier and Liz at the Mediterranean, and the Dolomites after that ! So a lot of travel within travel planned as well.

Then end of September we head for Paris to attend the International Simulation Show at Le Bourget airport and aviation museum, followed by the FS Weekend in Holland early November.

Last but not least, right AFTER the FS Weekend, we have planned another trip to our friends in Italy, to help pick what’s left of their olives !

If our gas money doesn’t run out before, that is. Cross our fingers !

We’ll take you along through our photos and posts on Facebook and here….. so check back often !

Happy Summer Everybody !!!

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