Stuff gone

Well duh! I knew I shouldn’t have just ‘swapped’ the theme on my blog…… I only now looked closer and notice that a lot of stuff as disappeared, especially in the right column.

Oh well, back to the tinkering board. I did manage to put up a new header, finally. So just bear with me for the rest of the ‘improvements’. I figured it was time to join the ‘white school’ at least for a while. Until I get bored of this too.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to see the doctor tomorrow. Got some internal pain that worries me. But, ‘seeing’ the doctor currently worries me even more. Ya’ll know I am a total wuss by now with all things medical and ‘me’. Please cross your fingers that it is nothing that needs ‘further digging’, because I can REALLY do without any more anxiety currently.


Nina is okay again, but she’ll come too tomorrow, checking her blood once more after the Dengue Fever infection. When all is well, we’ll just continue our busy little lives… and the next milestone will be my ride (or drive) down to Frankfurt for the yearly meet with ex-colleagues of the famous AC Nielsen company. Well, maybe not so famous anymore now. After all, we’ve all left.

More news when we have it, folks.

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