How time flies

Lots of things happened since my last post. Nina left for Aruba, stayed there with our daughter and son-in-law for three whole weeks, contracted the feared and dangerous Dengue Fever, (Vivian too) and came back again already. They are much better now, fortunately.

I did have to cancel my presentations at the Aerosoft Conference because of it though. Pity.

In the meantime I managed to survive (not so hard), keep the house clean (much harder), start my occasional volunteer work at the Aviodrome Aviation Museum (much fun) and work, work, work…..

But not on this blog.As you can see it is still in dire straights, design doesn’t look like much anymore and it needs work… BADLY. But… other things take priority.

So we did manage to publish a whole range of DolomitiX sceneries made by my good friends at Real Earth X in Italy. Wonderful products, and we’ll be publishing more of them!

Oh, and the Fieseler Storch now finally flies … and she’s another master piece by Simon Smeiman! Really ! Hope to publish it second half of June, upon returning from our yearly trip to Romania.

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