Life’s a challenge

‘FS Life’ that is, and especially when you are running a new shop, a new development team and with a new product, all accumulated with a stay out of the office. We managed to publish Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport for FSX, only a few days ‘late’. And we managed to make it a wonderful product.

But then it turned out that in the last iteration a few files went wrong and we needed to publish a patch. Yuck! And that in turn meant that all the files I had just compiled and uploaded, had to be re-compiled and re-uploaded. NO fun with a slow French Internet connection and the weather looking good for skiing outside !

Anyway, it seems like we’ll get it done. I emailed the proper files to all early customers personally, uploaded the new Installer, recompiled the various other-shop-versions and started uploading those too.
The worst part now is that I am keeping my two lady companions from getting their beauty sleep. That’s not making me popular I am sure.

On another note we did a little bit of skiing today and then cleaned and packed the gear away. Maybe we’ll return in march for another wee or so, maybe not. Weather is getting worse and hopefully we’ll not have any problems on our trek home on Saturday. Will keep you posted. Tomorrow we’ll do some shopping in Chambery – or maybe just have lunch – and Friday it is ‘packing day’.

Just to brighten things up, here’s a picture of Camy !

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