Don’t believe you have friends…..

Yesterday I had to learn through a post on Twitter – of all places – that my long-time ally Bill Womack had sneaked over to Orbx entirely and will take OUR project – Emma Field for FSX – with him.


Oh yes, sure, it will be a few miles further down the road and have a different name.

Nice, uh?

No Skype call, no e-mail, not a word. Just like that. Obviously, he didn’t have the heart to tell it in my face… and I can see why.

The only thing I seem to be good at recently is build a long line of FS developers screwing me – AND you! Although I have kept ‘Emma Field’ alive for more than 8 years, this looks to be the end of it. At some point even the most energetic, enthusiast and persevering mind can take no more.

Competitors I can handle.
Unethical behavior and back stabbing makes me break things in the house, and I cannot really afford that anymore.



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