Back from France

…. for a while, leaving again in 3 weeks.

Lots of ‘stuff’ happened between now and the last post (and most of it was mentioned on Facebook already). To summarize; had several mishaps with trailer, motorcycle, back….. new car has a scratch already (no note as to who did it, of course), walked through a fly-door, coffee machine broke down (and got repaired miraculously), got stuck in traffic for hours on end on the way back….. and, og yes, scratched the helmet visor as well.

But, we still had a good time, especially in Italy with our friends Marjan and Anthony. Weather started with heatwaves and ended with cold.

Now back home tending to umpteen websites (and reducing the number going forward!), and working on posting photos on several places. You can even BUY them (shameless and mainly unclear plug).

Just ordered a new Nikon camera and lens because I managed to wear the D70 out in 5 years !

We plan on doing more riding when we return to France (and hopefully with less mishaps!), and will then prepare for our Aruba/US trip in October.

But before that, lets see if we can make some money to pay it all…… need a website designed, anyone !!?? Lemme know !

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