Gloster Gladiator Production in Final Stages


The User Manual is done. The aircraft itself is done. I ‘wasted’ a day flying it of course…… sorry….. too much fun! And now I am working on the Installer software to build the package for release. Oh, we set the price for it too. US$ 19,95 will get you the three versions and loads of fun!

I am also working on a bunch of new ‘combination packages’ for people who do not yet have all FSAddon products (can’t be that many, right? < cough>).

Stay tuned for release news somewhere late NEXT WEEK !!


Oh, and another snippet of news…. Andras Kosma from Budapest has his Andras Field almost ready. Andras Field is a fantasy airfield, like Emma Field, where ‘customers’ can actually ‘own’ a bit of land (as was experimented with at one of the earlier Georender fields as well (Diamond Point).

Mathijs and I had talks about a year ago to combine the (to-be-built) Andras community and the Emma Field Club. We still might, provided we have an Emma Field 😉

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