Exit simFlight stage right……

Sadly, my days at simFlight (and simMarket) are numbered and I had to decide to quit an 8-year ‘career’ running one of the world’s top flight simulation news sites. The main reason being the fact that I just couldn’t afford it any longer. An already meager pay – and declining at that – with an increasing negative outlook on the future just didn’t leave me any choice.

But also the decline in quality, the decline of influence and the fact that running simFlight (and making the simMarket newsletters, ads and other work) didn’t leave me much time to add some much needed money to the monthly income.

Since Miguel and I seemed to get into 180 degrees different views on many of this, I decided the time had come to quit and stand up for my own interests again. I am known NOT to do that, and hence get myself in trouble. Happened before (and will probably happen again before I’m finished on this globe).

So now, without much of any income currently, it is time to sit, rethink, regroup and come up with some new business. It will involve writing, no doubt, because that’s what I’m good at. It will involve flight simulation for as long as it is still feasible. It will involve aviation, of course. And it will involve Internet.

Anything else…. just wait and see.

The 8 years of running simFlight.com were not all wasted of course. I met many new friends, learned a lot, built contact lists for future use and, hopefully, brought some joy in other people’s lives along the way.

To all those that supported me and are STILL supporting me: THANK YOU!

Time for the famous Schwarzenegger line……" I’LL BE BACK!"

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