Home again… and busy

Oh yes, after another grueling 4000 km drive we’re safely back home. Grueling not so much because of bad roads – actually, they have greatly improved in Romania – but more because of the years creeping upon us and we simply can’t deny that things are getting harder. Where we happily drove 2400 km’s to Romania in a Mini Clubman Estate at some point, and on country roads from Vienna onwards, we now are dead tired after doing the same on 4-lane highways in an air-conditioned Jeep Automatic.

Anyway, back to work….. oh yes, and preparing our next 10-day trip in 3 weeks. We’re going to take some of our US friends on a Germany-Switzerland trip… still with the Jeep. The new car has still to be built apparently and in spite of the bad car sales in general, they seem to be quite busy at Mercedes-Benz. Oh well…..

I am hard at work on building a new website. Won’t show it to you yet, but it is all about Classic Aviation, it is free, and it is planned to become BIG !!

Also working on trying to find new income because the ‘regular’ income from both simFlight and FSAddon is going down currently. The story of my life I’m afraid – every time something looks like going to work well, something happens and down the drain we go.
SimFlight, well, won’t go into that, FSAddon is hurt by Orbx, and EuropeRides by the bad Dollar rate and the general economic crisis caused by our mutual bankers and governments. On top of all that we can’t sell the house, so our money is stuck in that too, IF we ever make a profit on it.

Probably will have to concentrate more on getting new customers of my web building activities and other writing. Cross your fingers for me, we’re having an expensive year ahead of us.

If you happen to know of any GOOD FS developers looking for a small but honest publisher: send ’em my way please! 😉

That’s all for now…. back to the grind stone……

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