Packing for The Netherlands

How’s that for a regularly maintained blog, eh? No wonder visitors are few and far between. Fortunately I don’t need to make any money with this one ! 😉

Seriously, folks, I’ve had Internet access twice here, and been pretty sick in between. So apologies for not posting a regular Travellog as I would usually do. The anti-biotics Nina got for me are kicking in now and I feel better…. eating again. We’ll be packing the car when I get home after finishing the simMarket Newsletter on my notebook in an hour or so.

Not that much to pack now…. just a bunch of dirty clothes and a heap of bottles of wine that Nina acquired…. duh!

I’ll post some pictures of the yearly barbecue once we are back home again. Gotta get this last bit of work done now and then off to the petrol station and back to ‘gramps’ house.

More when we are safely back home on Monday. Cheers and have a great weekend all!

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