French Biker Power !

Apparently the French politicians – like most of their counterparts all over the world – have nothing better to do than come up with anal retentive ideas. Recently one of them came up with the brilliant idea to forbid lane sharing by motorcycle riders. That means filtering in between (almost) stationary cars. The good man figured that a motorbike must stay stationary in its lane just like a car in traffic jams……. and take up useless space, pollute the environment 80% more because of it, and generally waste time and space doing so.
HEAVY fines were announced to force the 2-wheel population to adhere to this silly rule!

But where in most countries we all have our freedom slaughtered by those we elect – doh! – not so in France. The FFMC (Angry Motorcyclists Federation) took the only correct action, assembled its members and blocked the roads of the country by ‘acting as cars’!

Now THIS is how politics should be fought when irrational law making is becoming the norm. I mean, come on, we let our criminals have color tv and internet, let all sorts of economical ‘fugitives’ bugger our social and financial systems, send our troops abroad to fight someone else’s wars but at the same time curb the freedom of our own citizens !!?

Check out what 40.000 ‘motards’ can do when they put their minds and souls to it ! And yes, I’ll sign up as a member !They deserve it !!

Here is an article in the British press. And THIS is the (French) website of the FFMC.

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