No Misty Fjords X

well, not from FSAddon Publishing, that is.

Holger Sandmann regrettably has decided to stick with the competition and not continue his work for FSAddon. I won’t comment any further here, suffice it to say that obviously I don’t agree with his motives and am extremely disappointed.
My dear wife Nina continues to impress on me to not put so much trust in people time and again… I guess she’s right and I am stupid in more ways than just one.

I already had bought SketchUp from Google a few weeks ago, and after getting my Sunday ruined by Holger’s message I decided to bury myself in learning it. So far I’ve been at it for two days and the first results are not as bad as I would have feared. So maybe I will be doing (partial) design myself again, after all these years (FS 5.0 was when I last worked on scenery).

This could be fun, and those that know me know I am never beaten. 😉


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