Sinusitus Stinks
Sinusitus Stinks

Sinusitus Stinks

Big Time. Been having headaches for the past 3 weeks and that’s why you haven’t seen much of me here. Maybe I should see the doctor after all, one of these days. Meanwhile, we’re pretty busy with all sorts of ‘stuff’….. and Vivian and Menno are ‘in the country’. That’ll take some of our time as well.
The motorbike is still covered, and most likely with an empty battery by now. Rotten Winter !

On the FS side there isn’t much to note currently, Maurizio is looking into changing FSCargo X to work with some other programs, instead of re-inventing a couple of wheels ourselves, Bill Womack is working on the Emma Field X ‘land’,  and I myself am working on implementing a brand new Emma Field website. We’re going to need some income, so the new ‘club’ will be FREE as before, but will also have two ‘paid membership levels’ !!

Paying members will get free access to a brand new ‘virtual airline’, in our case more like a ‘bush cargo company’ AND members will get discounts on various add-ons. We’re aiming for forging deals with some like minded developers to add discounted products to the member shop !

Of course Emma Field X will be fully compatible to the recently released Orbx FTX product.

We’ll get Emma Field rolling again, in more than one way ! 🙂

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