YESSSSSSS !! Against all odds (we think) we sold our little apartment in the French Alps. We had it for almost 17 years and we …

A walk on the beach

SCP_3078Nina and I decided it was high time for some exercise for a change. And since the sun was shining when we got up, we thought to drive west and walk on the beach. Unfortunately, after we finished baking the cake and preparing the bread it was almost noon…… When we then approached the coast – among hordes of other vehicles ! – clouds thickened drifting in from the sea and the sun disappeared. Finding a parking spot turned out to be a nightmare too. Apparently the rest of the country needed exercise too and all headed for Egmond aan Zee. Bummer.

We parked next to a boat  – no, really – climbed the dunes and descended onto the beach, only to find a fierce and cold south-western wind blowing straight THROUGH our clothes. With the splitting headache I had already since getting up, this did not exactly make for what we had in mind….. so after a mile or so we decided we’ll try it again on another day. Preferably one where the sun decides to STAY at least until we’ve had our stroll ! The cold wind didn’t even blow my headache away……. bummer some more!

SCP_3038 SCP_3037