Back in France

We spent two very busy weeks in Holland and returned to Les Allues, Savoie, last Friday. Funny how time passes, or rather, how we PERCEIVE it passes. When I came back in Holland I did not have the feeling of having spent 3 whole weeks in France already. And when we came back here, it didn’t feel we had left at all. And still, we did a LOT of things in those two weeks in Holland!

Also, after having spent an entire day at the keyboard, I often don’t have the feeling I accomplished a lot and still have a long list of things to do. Maybe I just have too many lists of too many things to do?? Hmmm….

Anyway, back here we already did a lot again too, and it is only Tuesday!
On Saturday we did our shopping in Moutiers, and had dinner with our neihgbours Ann and Michel, who had to return home on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we saddled up on the BMW and climbed the Petit St Bernard pass. All the time it was very hot weather! Up to 37 Celsius yesterday even!
Yesterday we drove up to the end of the valley and then hiked up to one of our favorite ski lifts, le Plan de l’ Homme, to have a picnic on sandwiches and water and just take in th awesome views. We even caught a quick glimpse of the Mont Blanc before it shrouded in clouds again.

Unfortunately my PC did not cooperate upon our return. When I switched it back on it would not start again, switching itself off after a few seconds each time. The reset button finally forced a BIOS error (something about overclocking that I never did), and then it would start. Until yesterday morning when I decided to tinker with the ‘awake’  setting of the BIOS. After that it would not recognize the USB keyboard anymore, so I could not start it at all!

After some thinking I decided that I’d probably needed a PS2 keyboard to get it to listen to me. So after our mountain hike we drove down to Moutier i 37 C temps, starting a migraine in the process. No jeyboard to be found there, of course. So on we went to Albertville and try the ‘Conforama’. And YESSS, I found a keyboard.
I plugged it in, with an increasing bad head, hit a key and PRESTO…. so I started the PC, turned off the monitor and went to have a bite to eat.
After that it was BAD migraine, and even 6 painstillers did not have ANY effect.
I think the pain subsided around midnight when I finally fell asleep.

Today it is cloudy, and currently a big mountain thunderstorm is raging….. so time to work on the PC, catch up on simFlight, the forums and the blog….. will need to make a few ride reports too after all this… stay tuned!

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