PC Software Tips

…. or ‘programs I discovered, use(d) and like(d) over the years’.

I was ‘doing the rounds’ this morning, like any morning, checking email, simFlight, forums, competitors and stats, and thought that some of the programs I use almost daily might be interesting to you too? So here are a few links to stuff I like:

For my statistics I still use Statcounter the most. It is free and runs on some 15 of my sites. www.statcounter.com.

And yes, I also have started using Google Analytics, which has some nice features, a clear overview and no limitations in numbers like Statcounter (free) has. Just make a Google account, go to MyAccount and choose from whatever you like there.

For my email I use TheBat! for many years. I think my old friend ‘Doc’ advised me to it, I bought the Pro version many years ago and never looked back! You can find it on the Ritlabs website here.

My blog, and indeed many of my other websites too now, are made with the wonderful WordPress software. It is free too, and gets update ever so often. Tons of free plug-ins, themes and tips and tricks could easily make using it a full-time job…. or just use the default. Find WordPress here.

Oh, and I use the wonderful software from the guys and gals at Coffeecup for a whole range of things when building my websites. Am even building two webshops now using their cheap and user-friendly software packages. Find them here !

Did I mention Smugmug yet? That’s my favorite photo store and display website. Yes, I know about the (free) Picasa, Flickr and many others. I started with Smugmug early on, they keep imrpoving, and I stick with them.
Here is MY Smugmug site…. and here is the ‘regular site‘ for you to get an account.

Oh, and there us Skype of course. Running on my second monitor mostly all day long (although I tend to turn it off when I REALLY want some work done), it is the best communication tool for home workers that I found so far. And FREE too, of course. *grin*. Download your copy here and get connected with friends and family, either through typed or voice ‘chat’!

Last but not least I gotta mention Facebook. Of all the (social) networking systems I am a member of (LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter and a host of others), THIS is the one that ‘stuck’ and the one I continue to use for now. It is a convenient way of staying in touch with friends, colleagues, family, acquaintances and fellow-gamers. And a good way of procrastinating if you needed one more. Facebook.com.

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