Free advertising from the Pirates

My dear FS friends (you know who you are), before you climb into your writing pens let me tell you, this is MY opnionated article and you’re not going to change my opinion. Period. <vbg>.

This weekend saw an enormous increase in hits on my FSAddon website !! So obviously I got curious and looked at the stats to see where people were coming from. Guess what!? The illegal (and convicted!) Pirate Bay website has discovered Tongass Fjords X! Yup, you can now download it for free via the ‘torrent system’…… and STEAL it from us.

Although the founders of Pirate Bay (Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg from Sweden) were convicted to jail sentences and $ 4 million fines (making them criminals in MY book!!!), the site is still alive. A company actually wants to buy it for $ 8 million and make it a commercial site (yeah, right….LOL!!!), but seems to have trouble convincing its share holders of the concept.

Meanwhile the Pirate Bay has also been forbidden in The Netherlands by a Dutch court last week. And a new law suit has been started against them in Hollywood by a dozen movie producers.

The trouble with all of this is of course that they use the torrent system. For those of you not familiar with that, some 20 million Pirate Bay users copy – AND PROVIDE – illegal copies of movies, music and programs via their own computers. The Pirate Bay FINDS these illegal copy activities and indexes them and then publishes the index to help others steal said products as well.
Using a torrent system means you download illegally published data and at the same time make it available to other computer users on the system.

That is also why it was so difficult to convict the Swedes…. they were not effectively hosting the illegal copies, but just (very actively and on purpose) pointing others to them! The real offenders of course are the people who want to ‘own’ things that belong to others, without paying for it. 😉

Illegal copying will never be stopped I think, it will just get worse. Technology doesn’t stop and most people are getting less social instead of better behaved. Fact of life.

For what it’s worth, I still strongly believe that our FS clientele are hobbyists and for the most part honest people that will BUY our software (if only to assure there will be MORE of it) and enjoy it that way.

So the Pirate Bay may currently be doing us a favor and provide some free advertising…… after all, all these data scavengers DID come from the Bay and DID visit to see what we are about. Maybe we can convert one or two to become honest again in the process ??? 😉

Oh, and since the PB guys don’t care a yota about copyrights, civility and good manners, why should I? Here are their ugly mugs, copyright Reuters….. and I didn’t ask permission! So sue me!

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