Facebook kills blogs

Since I’ve discovered Facebook, and became addicted, I am neglecting some of the other writing efforts. Among which is my blog, sadly. On the other hand I sometimes don’t know what to write and then won’t write. Simple. And effective.

Let me collect some of the things that I FB’d about the past week, in case you missed it.
First of all, Tongass X is doing well in sales and we’re all happy about the results so far. Apart from a very few people with problems on their own PC’s there are no issues found and all customers are happy!

Lizzie is not doing so well, because rob Young has disappeared once again… busy with other projects once more, maybe. It is starting to get annoying though, because is hampers our progress now and above all we lose interest of the beta group.

Have started work on the Northern Microlights from Neil Birch. A simple title that we will market under another brand name that I have made special for this purpose. NML should be availale this weekend and encompasses some 40 farm fileds in Northern England. It looks a bit 98-ish, but there is a market for it no doubt.

Accent’Sim is the new brand I made to replace the FScene Design Network setup I started with Ruud faber. Ruud wants to continue to use FScene after all and I need a brand for non-FSAddon products. So this seems a good solution, although yet more work !
I’ll be adding other – simpler than the base products such as Vancouver, Tongass, Plum Island etc. – under it as well.


I finally fixed the new helmet I bought. A Schuberth C3, one of the most expensive around, but the new Nolan’s don’t fit me anymore. The Shuberth is lightweight, fits real snug andnow that I re-did the built-in speakers and don’t feel them pressing my ears into my skul anymore, it is the PERFECT HELMET !

Last but not least I seem to have shut myself outof one of the forums as Admin and I am getting a white screen as soon as I log in. Brilliant! Now what !!?? I love ‘puters, don’t you!?

Last but not least the ‘China project is progressing. I signed a joint venture contract with a partner in China and we’re going to set up a Chinese webshop, selling FS CD’s there. Most people I talk to about it are really cynical….. maybe they’re right. But when they are not, well, than I will have a MAJOR project on my hands… for now I am very enthusiastic and full of energy to make this work! Stay tuned.

Well, time is running out on me once again, departure to France is closing in on us. I’l beter get back to work.


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