Facebook instead of blogging?

One of the curses of modern-day Internet and computers is that there is TOO much information and too many places to uphold it seems.

Or maybe the problem is simply that I am such a nosy guy and like to try everything and anything. *grin*.

Whatever the issue, fact is that I have been spending more and more of my time posting messages on Facebook than on the blog. I suppose the ‘ease’ of FB has something to do with it. I have it running in one of the Firfox browser tabs all day, and little notifications pop up all day too when ‘friends’ post their news, silly games, messages and photos.

So every morig I do ‘the rounds’; e-mail, various forums, news, Facebook, play a few minutes of Mafia Wars even, more forums, more e-mails, and my blogs and websites come last. They are MORE work and get less visitors (I think).
So in a way I am pretty jealous at things like Facebook. They attract many millions of users in no time, making at least somebody RICH, but above all being successful in linking people and their interests.

Having said that, I can post more lengthy thoughts on my blog(s) and maybe reach more focused people here too (??). So I’ll try and crank up my blog post frequency a bit again and provide you a reason to still visit here once in a while. For private news, flight simulator news AND motorcycling news.

Hmmmmm….. maybe that combination is what makes the blog less read? TELL ME ! 😉

2 thoughts on “Facebook instead of blogging?

  • Sunday, May 24, 2009 at 17:26

    I had a similar epiphany about Twitter a few weeks ago, Francois. The ease of jotting down a tweet makes it a much better fit into my schedule than blogging most day.

    Twitter, Facebook, and the like make a good companion to blogging. Last week, I tweeted about a blog post I’d just made, and got far more visitors than if I’d just posted it and let it lie. Promoting the blog on Facebook would have a similar effect, I think.

    The only problem is… where the heck do we find the time for all this?

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