Too much of a good thing ??

Information overload and application glut…. causing the stress to hit the fan once again.

I am referring to my absence from this blog, casued by my presence in too many other places. Twitter (yes, even there), Facebook (daily), my own forums (daily), some other forums (daily), the simFlight news site (daily), and the list goes on. Yes, I’m a writer and not a talker… oh, I forgot to mention Skype – always on – so not somplaining there. But often it is hard to keep up and post everywhere.

It is even harder, for me at least, to make a choice. Or should I? Anyway, lets catch up with some of the latest developments at FSAddon, at Silver Cloud Publishing and, in general, in de Dumas household (yes we have that too!).

FSAddon first: I finally managed to put some products on CD… and soon in a BRAND NEW FSAddon SHOP ! More on that later.
Although the above is good news, the sales are abysmal, even if they have picked up over the past month. Not so good. Your guess is as good as mine; global economic crisis? Bad Dollar exchange rate? Bad economic situation in the US? Total saturation of the dwindling FS market? FS ‘collectors’ have gone blasé?
Fact is: I don’t know.

Other news.. Tongass X is almost ready….. we’re looking at several WEEKS for publication. Docs and Installer still to be done, rest is 99% finished.
AND we will have a NEW technology included, made by Jim Keir, allowing us to have things ‘happen’ according to seasons and other ‘triggers’. Very cool !

Before Tongass I still need to package Northern Microlights Airfields, a nice little scenery package made by an English Gentleman ‘up north’.

And…… the Lysander is nearing next beta phase too…. she flies, 80% done. She looks, 80% done. Beta testers are happy, for 80%.
We’re getting there !!

Silver Cloud Publishing:
finally have a working shop for the Chocolate Factory customer, and maybe I get it done this month !!!! I feel guilty about that project, it got between a rock and a hard place at some point.
Just like me.

A good spin-off of that is that I now also have a shop software for my FSAddon WP website…. cool !!!

Ah, yes, and we’ll have a major new release of MyTraffic X soon…. I’ll make sure you’ll read about that too!


On the personal front, the Dumas household, we have a ‘dynamic’ situation too.

Viv and Menno got married, left the country and are now living near the Bermuda Triangle. They took much of our furniture with them. I should have known the hidden agenda….. Nina now wants the house redecorated and refurbished. Yes, the one that’s for sale and the one I don’t care about anymore.
So I have seen a few million square feet of furniture outlets, shops and halls… sat at 3486 different dining tables, tried 23599 different chairs and guess what?

Oh well. We also have some good things. Like our new Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine that does Espresso AND Cappuccino ! I am HAPPY ! Never mind the price of the bloody cups compared to grinding the beans yourself 😉

Hey, I ran out of time again… more news when I have more time to type it to ya. Have a great day all !!!

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