Got some FLAK……

… for my somewhat ‘radical’ views on the Pirate Bay perps. I wasn’t in the best of moods (who is nowadays, with all the gloom and doom, diminishing income, raised taxes, lost clients and more trouble ahead?), and things like this really gets my blood boiling. Maybe I should just shrug and ignore it, I know.
But somehow I just can’t bring myself remaining polite about people who (directly or indirectly) steal from us and make fun of us in addition. So call me human.

So I won’t post on simFlight anymore about such topics, but I will certainly stick to my guns here !

Next topic – while stressing all out trying to honor all commitments to my various customers, I’ve also been working on Tongass Fjords (and flying around to look at the results), and I will try and get you some screenshots out before we leave ! Better cover your keyboard already, because drooling on it ruins the technology inside !

More later!

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