I know, I’m a Wussy

I will never be able to understand how women can have children… and live to tell it. Me, I feel a total terror when having to see a doctor, or worse, visit a hospital. I know it is for my own good, that doesn’t make it any better or easier. I have been known to ‘escape’…. when I was young I flunked dentist appointments until my parents found out.

Today I have to go to hospital to see a prostate doctor. Can you imagine anything more daunting, more embarrassing and  more telling ‘you’re an old man’ ??? I can’t. If you don’t hear from me ever again after today then I probably am hiding in some dark corner, waiting for the last day to come. Yes, I am crazy, urghs…..

I could tell you about some FSAddon projects I am supposed to be working on, like a new, steerable US Helicopter Carrier (LHA), a new twin-engined plane from Simon Smeiman or about Bill’s last and final tweaks on Sitka and Petersburgh….. but I just can’t focus right now. Maybe I’ll tell you more if I (mentally) survive this afternoon.

One thought on “I know, I’m a Wussy

  • Monday, January 19, 2009 at 22:14

    “Smile and think of England.” haha. “HI MOM!”

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