That’s the STRESS at Christmas. A foreign concept for you? Then you can count yourself lucky.
To me Christmas is more about stress than about relaxed lounging around nice smelling Christmas trees. And not only because I am not smelling anything much anymore. Heck, even GETTING the Christmas tree(s) is stressful these days!

A few weeks ago I got an invitation via the mail to come and collect a FREE Christmas TREE at the Jeep dealer, 20 km from here. And in this time of recession, who doesn’t want a free Christmas tree? Never mind spending 10 liters of petrol to get there !!! (Fact is, I wanted to have a look at the new Chrysler Journey for some time already). So we drive up to the ‘auto mall’, aka Car Plaza locally, and look at the Chrysler dealer’s entrance. No trees. We drive around to the ‘showroom side’ and sure enough, there’s a bunch of trees stacked up to and people hauling off trees.

Never mind it says De Jager Landrover dealer on the signs…… or in any case, ‘I’ didn’t mind. They are all part of the same company, Stern Dealerships’ or something. So Nina picks a tree she thinks she likes, I fumble the thing into a blue plastic garbage bag and store it in the back of the Jeep. Next we stride to the Chrysler showroom to have a look at the Journey.

And OOPS………. THERE are the Chrysler Christmas Trees… in the workshop, with some snacks, soup and hot chocolate too !
Did I tell you I was stressed? (Still had a Trains Magazin ad to design and simFlight news to post back home!!). So I say to hell with the Landrover tree, I am not going to take it back (and get all dirty again). But of course Nina spots a ‘much better tree’ somewhere behind the garage equipment. We MUST take that one !
Of course, dear, you are right as always. So we stuff yet another tree in a body bag and load that into the Jeep as well….. looking around to see if anybody notices that we now have TOW trees in our car! …… Ahem…. !

Needless to say we did NOT buy a new car. Becasue of the sudden recession all second hand car sales have dropped to 0, as have house sales, and so the value of our Jeep  dropped from 19.000 Euros in June to 12.000 Euros in December…. and a dealer not willing to even trade it in !!!

I guess you’ll be seeing the Jeep in a lot of pictures still in 2009 too ! With stress.. most likely.

Now, I still have a desk FULL of Christmas cards (LATE, I know!), notes for new projects, wishes from my friend Miguel, designs for web sites and orders from web customers….. so I’ll stress on for now.

I just hope YOUR life is more relaxing than mine and Nina and I wish you all  a great Christmas and a Happy New Year

(And some of you might still get lucky and get a card from us….. most likely somewhere Feb 2009 … hey, it’s the thought that counts, right!? )

One thought on “Stressmas

  • Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 0:06

    Have a very merry Xmas ANYWay. 🙂

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