No such crap on the moon !

I glanced out the kitchen window just now, while washing some dishes, and saw the full moon in all its glory high above the neighbor’s house. I get my most philosophic moments when washing dishes, or sitting on the toilet, don’t you?

I thought about how wonderfully CLEAN the moon still looks. No financial crisis, no idiots waging wars just to be in power of something that will be gone soon again, no oil shortages (that we know of), no pollution.

Ah yes, no air, no water and little gravity too, but hey, why bother about these futile details.

The moon is just SO lucky: there are no humans there to ruin things (although some tried 😉 ).

With these amazing thoughts digested go lie on your tv couch and I’ll get back to work.

One thought on “No such crap on the moon !

  • Friday, November 14, 2008 at 17:51

    Well, a handful of American litterbugs left some trash up there almost 40 years ago, and some other folks have left a few toys there to rot as well. I hear the Indians are planning on abandoning some bits of hardware on the moon soon, too. Humans will never be content until we leave a few beer cans and a scrawled “Kilroy was here” in the darkest recesses of space.

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