Zumo GPS Training Course

Last night I attended a Garmin GPS Course for Beginners. Not because I am a beginner on Garmin’s GPS’s but because I am liaised with two guys doing these courses, and I may fill in occasionally as teacher.
What is more interesting (to me at least) is possibly making a CD or DVD with training courses on it and (help) sell that to the world. Currently GPS-expert is limited to Dutch (and Dutch speaking Belgian) customers…. and there aren’t really that many of them.
With a CD (in English!) the WORLD would be our market.

And seeing the various problems the trainees exhibited yesterday, there certainly IS a market for it. Especially a lot of senior consumers have not much of a clue of ‘electronic’ gadgets and/or PC’s….. even now ! And I am not talking about the 70+ crew, but more of the 50+ contingent and up!

The founder and GSP expert of the little company is Marco Pietersma, who happens to originate from the same town I do, and his new ‘2nd trainer’ is Marco Boelis who also hails form the same place ! And yes, I have dubbed them Marco A and Marco B, of course.

We’ll see where this side-venture takes us….. www.gps-expert.nl is Marco A’s website and Marco B(oelis) has his own where he sells his ever-popular replacement screws for the Garmin Zümo’s !!

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